The Open Garden.

Open Garden Program Image
Date  May 27th – September 15th, 2014
Time  12 – 5PM
Place  OSS#01 Garden at Duarte Square (map) 

If you are interested in be part of the “Open Garden” program please get in touch with us at:

Our flagship program to engage directly with the community. OSS#01 has established partnerships with various organizations and institutions, that so far includes City Parks Foundation, Henry Street Settlement/Abrons Arts Center, El Centro del Inmigrante, The Blue School, The Montessori School and Studio X Columbia University so far, to use the garden as a living classroom, laboratory and case study. Specific activities have been designed and scheduled with each partner to take place during the first 4 months of the installation. These activities will take place every Saturday and Sunday from June to September from 12-6pm. The “Open Garden” will be hosted by the artist and 2 designated gardeners from the Horticultural Society of NY’s GreenTeam that will provide gardening classes and assistance, tools and supplies.

OSS#01 is a community garden, and the survival of the plants in the garden through the duration of the installation relies on the community. Each plant in the garden needs very specific care coming from such diverse places of origin, like the people who selected them. We will have palm trees growing next to lettuce, or Bamboo growing next to tulips—a great botanical challenge that works here as a metaphor of the reality of the people who selected the plants.

Many of our partners are bringing different groups of students, artists and members of their communities or programs to take part in the sessions. In each session a group of 5-10 people meets at the garden with the artist for an introduction to put them in perspective with the project as a whole. After, with the assistance of the two professional gardeners the group will “get down in the dirt” and tend to the plants that require care. Finally we will discuss the day’s experience and how it reflects on immigration, social interaction and cultural values.

The duration of the session is approximately 2 hours.

Guided Visits.

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Date  May 28th – September 15th, 2014
Time  10AM
Place  OSS#01 Garden at Duarte Square (map) 

A service of guided visits for the public led by the artist and representatives from other project partners is available by signing up on one of the following dates. Please choose the date and fill out the form to register.

  • Guided visits will be carried out if at least one person signs up.
  • The maximum capacity for each visit is 10 people.
  • First come first serve.

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Workshop: “The Garden”

Workshop The Garden Image
Date  October  2014
Time  To be confirmed
Place  OSS#01 Garden at Duarte Square (map)  & Other Locations

In October of 2014 Juanli will hold a workshop in collaboration with other professionals called “The Garden” addressing the history of gardening practice in NYC (including on-site gardening lessons) and its relation to the ”experience economy”; analyzing artistic projects developed in NYC in the name of city beautification or cultural development.

Check back in September for further details.

Panel Discussions.

Panel Organized Structures Image

Organized Structures

Date  November 2014
Time  To be confirmed
Place  To be confirmed

This panel will host scientists, artists, and biologists to discuss topics such as the use of plants in contemporary art, and the connections between plants and human behaviors using the example of OSS#01.

Panel Looking at the ground Image

Looking at the Ground

Date  November 2014
Time  To be confirmed
Place  To be confirmed

A panel of sociologists, artists and immigration experts come together to discuss the history and reality of immigration experience in NYC.